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22 Aug

We Want You! Now Accepting Applications for Community Author’s

Apr 22, 2017
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Hello and I hope this message finds you well! This is Mark Allen Evans, President of the World Vapor Expo LLC, and Orlando Vapor Show LLC. I sit on the board of Vapor B2B, LLC as CFO and Publisher, alongside Tiffany Kelley our COO, Chief Editor and Social Coordinator. At Vapor B2B, LLC it is our pride to share with you the details about this growing industry of Vapor products. We've expanded and have optimized the Vapor B2B magazine to feature digital versions of the quarterly hard copy direct mail vB2B Buyers Guide book. As we look to continue to grow in the technology driven times of society we have employed several digital marketing tactics which we share with our clients and media partners. Vapor Business to Business is now seeking Community Author's to share their stories and products and events with the Vapor B2B Community. If in fact you have content you would like to share we can aurhorize you to post on the blog, that could be a good idea to grow some exposure. Vapor B2B sources most of its content from interviews and editorials, as well as news and industry happenings. Becoming a Community Author holds a certain level of responsibility. You are allowed to promote your business but we request that you educate the Vapor Business Community and share Vape Events, Vapor Shops Nearby, Vape Store build outs, Vapor Products, new eJuices and vaporizers, and remember to keep your grammar and your sources correct. If you quote another web page for instance, it's standard to provide the sources and link back to the page you found the news originally as well as your quote.

Although we are open to Community Author's in all categories, (and new one's) we are also looking for Community Author's with good grasp on the FDA Vaping Regulations. This is a hot topic, if you would like to prepare a column for VaporB2B.Com we are offering Community author's an $81.20 credit for each article that gets approved under the category of "Hot Topics".
vB2B Categories:
Hot topics:

For a community article to be approved it must have all of the following qualities.
- enough content to fit on a full page, but not more two pages (with the exception of quote based articles, all sources/urls must be listed.)
- sources must be reliable (we check for "Sattire" or flubbed news)
- we require source links to be listed at the bottom of your post for any quoted text in your articles
- may not contain more than 3 links to your own websites URLs
- links you provide in your posts can not contain malware or spam (and we will check with third party security scanners)
- title should refer to the content (should contain 1 keyword)
- at least one featured image
- at least one photo inline 
- must maintain grammar and professionalism
- must have key information that would assist readers in growing or managing their Vapor Businesses
- focus your article on eLiquid and Vaporizers Manufacturing, Vapor Brands, Vape Marketing, Vape Meets and Events, Vapor Expos and Conventions and Vapor Products in general.
We plan to approve and reward UpTo 5 Community Author submissions per week, per author.
Begin the registration process if you would like to become a community author on VaporB2B.com

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