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Vapor Product Advocacy Groups

VaporB2B Jan 01, 2017
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Vaping Advocacy Associations

We’ve focused extensively on the organizations that spread misinformation about e-cigarettes in an attempt to stifle the vaping industry. However, for every anti-e-cig activist, there are dozens more vapers and tobacco harm reduction supporters who are responsible for the diverse and bountiful market that we enjoy today. Let us pause for a moment to acknowledge the amazing advocates whose dedication to safe and legal tobacco alternatives have paved the way for tremendous innovation in the industry.

Leading Vapor Product Advocacy Groups in the United States

Keeping up with study results and strict regulations covering electronic cigarettes has been a privilege for us here at Vapor B2B. Vaping laws, and Vapor Products Regulations in general, over the previous few years still remain controversial raising an exceptionally debated subject when it comes to politics, taxes and science. As the debate over the benefits and risks of electronic cigarettes and how they should be regulated continues, several advocacy groups continue to serve as the voice of the vaping industry by speaking up at the political hearings and raising funding for lobbying efforts, some at the state level and others at the national level. Mainly spreading awareness of the health studies relating to e-cigs, debunking shoddy science and petitioning unjust e-cig regulations. Have a look at the list below and get in touch with the agency’s to make your own determination. Vapor B2B, LLC is a contributor to R2B Smoke-Free Coalition, we’re a member of SFATA national, also a past contributor of CASAA.

With the FDA’s Deeming Regulations approaching ahead, use this list get familiar with these vapor product advocacy groups. We recommend Vapor companies become members of the organizations and we can all work together to support their efforts. In no specific order, here are the main three organizations upholding for vaping in the United States:

The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA)

Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA)

SFATA is an organization dedicated to providing an alternative to combustible tobacco products for adult smokers and serves as a major advocacy group for the vaping industry. Members of SFATA include e-cig retailers, distributors, manufacturers and customers who are committed to fostering a professional and thriving vape industry. A long-term goal of SFATA has been to help establish regulations for vapor products separate from tobacco legislation. SFATA encourages members to create their own local chapters to share resources and campaigns, and the organization coordinates national efforts such as the upcoming fly-in on February 3, which will bring members to Washington, D.C. for a day of lobbying congress to protect e-cig innovation.

SFATA is able to track industry statistics based on data collected from its members. Current records indicate that there are more than 70,000 jobs in the American vaping industry split among 15,000 vape stores, 1,200 e-liquid manufacturers, 1,000 distributors, 22 hardware manufacturers and 13 assembly companies.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA)

Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA)

CASAA organizes political actions at the local, state and federal levels to support laws and policies that protect the use of harm-reducing tobacco alternatives. For example, members in Boise, ID and Alameda, CA convinced their respective town councils to reconsider bans on public vaping. In Seattle, WA, CASAA members successfully lobbied the local housing authority to allow vaping in new developments. The 120,000 registered members of CASAA are public health professionals, government officials and vaping enthusiasts who believe that e-cigs can have a positive impact on America.

Since 2009, CASAA has maintained a blog that chronicles the evolving laws surrounding e-cigs in the United States. CASAA has often been at the forefront of policy change and creation; they are currently gathering support for a national petition to congress in support of a bill to protect the e-cig market from overbearing FDA regulations.

CASAA also recently released the results of a survey conducted from November to December 2015, which concluded that 87% of participants quit smoking entirely with the help of e-cigs. This was the largest e-cig survey to date with a total of 27,343 participants.

Julie Woessner, Executive Director of CASAA, will be a guest speaker in our upcoming E-Cigs DeMISTified webinar scheduled for February 4th at 2pm EST. Julie will be discussing CASAA’s role in the vaping industry and will provide information on what vaping businesses, advocates and consumers can do to protect the right to vape. There is no cost to attend this webinar and everyone is welcome to join in, so save your seat now!

The American Vaping Association (AVA)

The American Vaping Association (AVA)

The AVA is a coalition of vapers and small-to-medium-sized business owners that aims to educate consumers and government officials about the economic and public health benefits provided by the vaping industry. When it comes to creating a vape-friendly world, changing hearts and minds is just as important as changing laws, which is why AVA collects testimonials from e-cig users whose lives have improved thanks to harm-reducing tobacco alternatives. AVA was established in New Jersey at the end of 2013 with “the purpose of positive media advocacy for vaping and electronic cigarettes.” Headlines like “Vaping saved my life, which in turn saved 4 others” provide a human perspective to why e-cigs should be protected. Current AVA president, Greg Conley, has thoroughly covered the development of the FDA’s Deeming Regulations and their projected impact on all vapers.

The AVA welcomes and encourages vapers to share their success stories for the world to see. If you have a story to share, be sure to add your voice to the conversation about why tobacco harm reduction is important to you.

American Eliquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA)

AEMSA, the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association, the primary Manufacturers’ trade association completely dedicated to creating responsible and sustainable standards for the safe manufacturing of ‘e-liquids’ used in electronic cigarettes. VaporHQ adheres to AEMSA’s stringent requirements for manufacturing our e-liquids.

What Is AEMSA?

AEMSA is an all-volunteer organization formed by American manufacturers of e-liquids to advocate for responsible and sustainable practices in the safe manufacturing of e-liquids used in electronic cigarettes.

The primary goal of AEMSA is to create, implement and uphold the highest manufacturing standards with professionalism, accuracy and safety.

AEMSA members strictly adhere to these core beliefs:

  • We have a responsibility to verify the accuracy of any nicotine content in the products we distribute.
  • We have a responsibility to ensure the quality and safety of all ingredients in our e-liquids.
  • We have a responsibility to prepare our products in a clean, sanitary and safe environment.
  • We have a responsibility to ensure our products are packaged and delivered in a safe manner.
  • We have a responsibility to provide a level of transparency into the monitoring and verification process.

Why AEMSA Is Crucial To The E-Liquid Industry

According to the latest figures, there are around 5 million people in the US and UK who are currently using electronic cigarettes. Although its growing popularity seemed to have reached a plateau in 2015, vaping is still a multi-billion-dollar industry that continues to thrive without any form of government regulation.

Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are currently NOT under any federal authority. Manufacturers are not required to follow a specific set of requirements and cheap, poorly made products from overseas continue to flood the market. The Food and Drug Administration has drawn up several proposals but there has been no final word on how vapor products will be regulated.

In the absence of clear-cut legislation, self-regulation now plays a crucial role. The explosive growth and popularity of e-liquids has made regulation both inevitable and necessary. After all, electronic cigarette vapor is inhaled and exhaled – putting both active and passive users at risk.

While local jurisdictions are free to create and implement their own vaping policies, this can be dangerous especially with lack of knowledge and experience. There have been knee-jerk reactions that are simply based on unwarranted fear or ignorance, with lawmakers cracking down on vaping without sufficient information on how ecigs work and what e-liquids actually contain. The attempt to ban vaping may be well-intended but such actions could prevent smokers from gaining access to a true tobacco harm reduction alternative that may save millions of lives.

The founding members of AEMSA decided to create an organization to facilitate, develop and self-regulate standards designed to protect consumers. AEMSA advocates the responsible and professional approach to the manufacturing process and hopes to contribute to, and assist with, the actual regulatory formation of reasonable, effective and sustainable regulations for the manufacture and distribution of American made e-liquids.

AEMSA supports informative testing to effectively and accurately analyze potential health implications of new ingredients used in e-liquids.

AEMSA encourages American e-liquid manufacturers to participate and collaborate in improving the quality of e-liquids while meeting and maintaining all AEMSA standards.

AEMSA has a rigorous application and review process. Members are required to make their facilities available to both scheduled and unscheduled inspections.


The Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition is a non-profit, industry-led trade association of e-vapor businesses dedicated to promoting the interests of the industry by advocating for reasonable and responsible laws and regulations, and fighting for the right of vapers to be smoke-free. The group is formed with lawyers and lobbyists at the forefront of the e-vapor market.

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