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Top Selling Vapor Products on the market since August 8th, 2016

VaporB2B Nov 19, 2016
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Vapor B2B Asks Retailers for Comments


       Since the regulations have come in to effect earlier this year, the hardest working industry has had it’s hand forced to work even harder. What Vapor B2B is interested in, and many of our readers have sent emails asking what are the Top Selling Vapor Products? To be considered the Best Selling Vapor Products of 2016 a Top Vapor Product must be maintaining their MSRP, catering to wholesale clients around the nation, among other things. Vapor B2B set out to poll retailers in all 50 states. Many companies have released products up until the deadline 8/8. Some companies have created hundreds of SKU’s, released pre-orders of new products, others have focused on producing a small range of premium products. Several hand selected, reputable retailers who we have polled have contributed lists of products. These products are considered, top 10 best selling products after August 8th, 2016. Some retailers from around the country have left comments with us and we are still reviewing the comments. Hundreds of emails have been pouring in and we simply have to sift through the messages. Poised to grow, the brands and products we found are the Best Selling Ejuices, and Best Selling Mods, Vaporizers, Disposables and more. As a buyer’s guide it’s our duty to research these topics and report to our readers… Business owner’s just like you who are investing in vapor products will benefit from these industry leaders insights. Look out for our hard copy Vapor Product buyers’ guide book VB2B.


Drew’s and many others’ comments will be revealed in the full article soon.

Look out for the full article online soon, and in the fourth quarter Vapor B2B Buyers Guide book!  Subscribe for free to Vapor B2B to guarantee your business receives a complimentary hard copy of the Vapor B2B Buyers’ Guide

Vapor B2B asked Drew, member of SFATA, director/owner of Downtown Vaporium the big question, we all want to know…. Drew has several stores in the Florida vapor market.

So, Drew. . . What exactly are the TOP 10 Best SELLING Products at the Retail Level in your stores after August 8th, 2016?

These products are a great selection for your holiday purchases. Gains from popular products on your shelves can help you profit through the holidays~ Which brings us to something that caught our readers attention. Introducing. . .The Kloud Kase

We have been receiving many submissions of top vapor products which have grown popularity in 2016. We have seen so many comments about Kloud Kase, 3d printed coversm and cases for mods and vape  cases for vape hardware.(see below) Vapor B2B sat down with Brian of Kloud Kase, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Kloud Kase is available at Kloud Kases wholesale showroom on ShopGlobalVapor.com


Vapor B2B will schedule a full review of these products for the future. See Brian’s words below..

“I started Kloud Kase in Nov of 2015. I already had 3 vape stores up and running here in Georgia. When I came up with this idea I had to go for it. I sold my shops and went all in on this. Kloud kase makes vape cases with belt clips for mods. We make them with 3D printers and ABS plastic. I saw how people were putting there mods in there pockets and I thought there has to be a better way. We have 45 printers at this time and plan to add 25 more over the next 6 months. We make kases for the majority of mods on the market today. Such as kanger, aspire, siegeli and a bunch more. The great thing about our business model is that we can have a design and kase for pretty much any mod that is on the market and any that will be released on the market within a few days.”

*Vapor B2B has polled many retailers around the United States,
and you as a shop owner may leave your comments and we will continue to update the article, if you would like for your comments to appear in our hard copy fourth quarter Vapor B2B Buyers Guide book then for a limited time before we must go to print you may use the link below.


Give your comments and list the top 10 brands and products top selling in your stores after 8/8/2016

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