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Shop Global Vapor™ Vapor B2B Network

VaporB2B Jan 01, 2017
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What is Shop Global Vapor™ B2B Marketplace?

Vapor B2B shares details and insights from our experience navigating the Online B2B platform. Shop Global Vapor™ is a vapor B2B platform founded in 2014. Shop Global Vapor™ powered by Balluun’s social commerce platform includes the best suppliers for vapor devices, e-liquids and electronic cigarette brands in the vapor world.

“We are excited to be working with the worldwide leader in the electronic cigarettes industry and bringing them to the Balluun® family,” said Peter Koch, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Balluun 365™

“We at Shop Global Vapor™ are passionate about using leading edge technology to help drive growth of the electronic cigarettes industry,”  said Mark Evans Jr., Co-founder of World Vapor Expo™ 

So in 2014 Mark Evans Jr. and Balluun Inc. his partner in top tier social commerce technology launched the Shop Global Vapor™ B2B platform. The online business-to-business network is still live to this day, and growing rapidly. Shop Global Vapor™ is dedicated exclusively to business owners investing in the vapor products market. Connect, Network and Transact securely 24/7/365 on the Balluun 365™ cloud-hosted social commerce networking platform. Shop Global Vapor is focused purely on facilitating market growth, improving product categorization, promoting synergy and simplicity as a standard and hosting global business-to-business transactions exclusively for the global vapor B2B community.

Are there any detailed guides showing how to use the Shop Global Vapor™ platform?

Shop Global Vapor and Balluun® have hosted several educational webinars providing insights to Sellers and Buyers. Read the Slide Share® presentation Shop Global Vapor™ Buyers & Sellers however, if you prefer to watch the full video on YouTube® Watch the Shop Global Vapor™ Buyers & Sellers webinar.

About Balluun®

For buyers and suppliers in B2B wholesale business industries, digital marketplaces are a hot topic. Digital marketplaces are a typically online environment accessed through a web browser or mobile application that allow buyers and suppliers to connect and conduct business virtually. Companies like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have been changing the way B2C and B2B commerce is being done. The convergence of social networking and analytics with mobile devices and enterprise cloud is driving new trends in business-to-business e-commerce.

From our offices in Silicon Valley, Balluun® is dedicated to bringing the versatility of cloud-to-mobile solutions to the traditional trade show and wholesale business experience. Our innovative digital marketplace platform enhances the traditional trade show, extending its impact to beyond the time spent on the showroom floor. Buyers and sellers can build their networks and conduct trade through a trusted, digital marketplace anytime, anywhere.

What should I expect on Shop Global Vapor™ B2B Marketplace?

On Shop Global Vapor™ network Brand Owners and Wholesale Buyers are able to Communicate, Network, and Transact. The platform serves the Vapor Business community as a B2B networking and social commerce interface, with many functions available to both Buyers and Sellers of wholesale vapor products. With FDA Vaping regulations recently coming into effect back on August 8 2016, the demand for a marketplace with compliant e-Liquids is growing. Shop Global Vapor™ platform not only has a fully-functional Vapor B2B marketplace but Shop Global Vapor™ also offers the Vapor Business-to-Business community a place to Discuss topics like regulatory, finance, manufacturing, distribution and more with a direct connection to the investors in the Vapor market. Buyers can post in the news feed. Suppose you’re looking for something in particular or want to find a brand willing to negotiate, post your needs in the social feed and other members can like your posts, reply, or message you directly. Your messages are stored in the archives along with your orders to make it easy for you to locate in the future. Imagine clicking a tab, and showing all of your recent contacts and orders instead of paying a rep to search through your email inbox for hours. Get started with your free lifetime membership today. Or, if you would like a helping hand, reach out to the friendly staff toll free at 1-844-VAPE-B2B and a member of the customer success team will gladly assist you with registering for the Shop Global Vapor™ Business-to-Business network.


Find the right supplier with the right product

  • Discover new suppliers, new products in your industry.
  • Stay up-to-date on latest industry trends, news, etc all year round.
  • Expand your supplier business network, deepen your relationship and manage all suppliers in one place.
  • Manage your open-to-buy and securely place orders for products from different brands in a single cart and have separate orders automatically generated for the individual brands.

A list of key features on ShopGlobalVapor.com for Buyers: (Free Lifetime Membership)

  • Communicate through Private Message with Sellers
  • Shop Direct through brands Wholesale Showrooms
  • Search Brands and Products on the network
  • Submit Orders with the Secure Purchase Order System
  • Invite Co-Workers & Team Members
  • Archive your Orders for record keeping
  • Post a Status Update or Comment on the B2B News Feed
  • Upload a Photo of Your Retail Location



Expand your business network and grow your revenues

  • Increase brand awareness and effectively market your brands to a qualified audience of buyers.
  • Increase your reach to new suppliers, new regions on a 24 / 7 / 365 basis.
  • Strengthen your relationship and on-going communication with your customers.
  • Keep buyers coming back and updated on your latest products, new product lines through your digital showroom and the newsfeed.
  • Grow your revenues and reduce your cost to serve.

A list of key platform features on ShopGlobalVapor.com just for Sellers: (Request a Demo)

  • Private Messaging with Buyers
  • Deploy your Wholesale Showroom on the ShopGlobalVapor.com network
  • Upload Products to your Wholesale Showroom
  • Invite Co-Workers & Team Members
  • Manage and Import Contacts in Vapor CRM
  • Archive your Orders for stellar record keeping
  • Post a Status Update or Comment to on the B2B News Feed
  • Publish a Broadcast to the ShopGlobalVapor.com Network *(Diamond only)
  • Expand your Wholesale Network

What Manufacturers, Distributors and Brands host Wholesale Showrooms the Shop Global Vapor™ network?

Shop Global Vapor ™ Directory:

ISM Vape

Vape Poker

Captain Obvious

Vapes Gone Wild

Tradition Vapes Coil Kits

Shijin Vapor

Kingdom Elixir

OSA Wholesale

Kilo Eliquids


Drip Beats

Beard Vape

eLiq Cube

Scorpion & Mist Magic



Minnesota Moonshine

Fox Juice

Longhorn Vapor

The Vapers Knoll

Off The Record Liquids


Beast Coast Wholesale

Lizard Juice 

Kloud Kase

Ripe Vapes

RTS Vapes

Strawberry Queen Vapor

World Vapor Expo

Orlando Vapor Show

& More! Visit the Shop Global Vapor B2B Marketplace to Connect, Network and Transact with the brands on the Shop Global Vapor™ network.

How do I obtain Shop Global Vapor™ B2B Marketplace Membership?

The First step to acquiring Membership to Shop Global Vapor Online B2B Marketplace either as a Vendor or Buyer is to complete an application for Membership. Click Here to Submit an Application

The Second step in acquiring B2B Membership is to Activate your Subscription to the Marketplace. This is where you will create your Shop Global Vapor B2B User Account & Password, and activate your account. Click Here to Activate your Account

Wholesale Buyers receive a Free Lifetime Membership.

The following qualify for a Wholesale Purchaser account:

Retail Store owners

e-Liquid Distributors

Online Stores



Cigar Store operators

Specialty Chain owners

Smoke Shop owners

Convenience Store Operators

Vape Store owners


Sellers subscribe to add products to their Wholesale Showrooms. There are over 1,300 verified B2B members with accounts on the Shop Global Vapor™ platform. 

Seller Memberships and details are listed below:

Commerce Membership for Exhibitors is on special 
$50 / month discount for annual subscribers 

Membership is free for buyers and retail owners, if you want to list your products you must become a supplier. There is one tier of membership available to brand owner sellers for annual business-to-business subscription. Below is a brief overview of the features and different memberships. However, you may call toll free for detailed information 1-844-VAPE-B2B

Commerce (Diamond) – $250 $199/ mo 

Social Media features of the Marketplace.

  • Publish your products as news feed posts to the Vapor Industry.
  • Connect, Network, Share and conduct private messaging among many other features.
  • Invite your co-workers and employees

Deploy a fully-customized, self-service Wholesale Showroom importing your product catalog using the Showroom Builder with ease;

PLUS Commerce Activated Wholesale Showroom with additional marketing benefits and savings at select partner trade events.


    With Shop Global Vapor’s digital community, buyers can browse through seller showrooms to discover new products. As a seller, you can upload your latest products, collections, and brands. Gain exposure through the expansive digital community and drive business today!


    On Shop Global Vapor’s digital community, every user creates a profile, similar to that on any popular social media platform. You can create business contacts, find new connections and send out updates to your network via a Facebook-like newsfeed.


    Buyers and sellers connect and exchange inquiries, ideas, and information in real time on a single platform. This means no more hunting down contact information, or rifling through files to find the latest pricing or line sheets. Buyers can connect to make appointments before, during, or after trade shows.


    Sellers showcase products in unique virtual showrooms to the entire Shop Global Vapor buying network. Buyers can research new and exciting products and start the conversation with a seller almost immediately. With a consumer-like shopping experience, buyers can easily place orders, which the seller can review and accept.

What are you waiting for?

(Need assistance? Call Toll Free 1-844-VAPE-B2B)

Access the Shop Global Vapor™ platform from your home or office using our Web Application. Access the Vapor B2B marketplace soon via Shop Global Vapor™ Mobile Application for iOS and Android with app launch scheduled for first quarter 2017! Balluun has updated us that our B2B community mobile application is scheduled to deploy first quarter 2017, there is going to be a focus group before the launch and we will keep you updated on that here.

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile Device
  • iOS & Android (coming soon!)

Easily accessible through modern browsers. Tested and reporting operational within the following Web Environments:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
Free Lifetime Membership for Wholesale Purchasers or Shop Owners'

Shop Global Vapor 
Online B2B Marketplace opened to Buyers of the global Vapor Industry on April 01, 2015

Submit your application and on-board the Shop Global Vapor™ B2B Marketplace! If you have not submitted your application yet, CLICK HERE to take the first step today. Buyer accounts on Shop Global Vapor™ Online B2B Marketplace will be Activated and distributed after your Application has reached Verified Status. Typically you will receive your Activation email within 1-3 business days after submission.

Get started today by launching a campaign in Vapor B2B™ Ads Market or visit Shop Global Vapor™ Official Website

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