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Q & A with Schell Hammel of Texas Vapor Bar | SFATA Board Member

VaporB2B Nov 01, 2016
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Q&A with Schell Hammel

Vice President of SFATA


What would you say SFATA’s biggest achievement would be over the last 5 years, last year?

I think by far our biggest achievement has been our growth. In less than four years we have gone from a hand full of businesses to a large national organization with over 1,400 hundred members and growing. Our growth has continued this year as both new businesses and chapter seek out joining SFATA.

What was going through your mind when you joined the board of SFATA?

I was not sure what to expect as I had a different background than many. I simply wanted to help SFATA and its membership help put our message out in a clear manner that would further our legislative efforts at both the state and national levels.

What are the different services or benefits SFATA offers to vapor business owner’s?

SFATA has provided professional guidance on many issues that are always arising in this industry. We are able to keep members up to date on what is happening both at the state and national levels and give them the tools to help fight the battles that our industry faces. I am also excited about the many new offerings that Pamela Gorman our new ED will be rolling out.

How many members does SFATA currently have in support?

We currently have over 1400 members.

What’s SFATA’s number one goal for the future?

Preserve the industry so that the thousands of businesses can continue to grow.

If you could share one piece of advice with retailers what would it be?

Get to know you local elected officials. They can have a HUGE impact on your business and knowing them before you need them is always helpful.

If you had all of the manufacturers in America in one room, what would you say to them?

If we all work together your business will survive.

If you could change one thing about this industry, what would it be?

Well obviously I would change the FDA Deeming regulations

What are some regulations or taxation we can expect to see effect this market in the near future?

Now that the FDA is regulating Vapor products as tobacco I expect to see more states try to regulate them in the exact same manner including imposing extremely restrictive taxes on them.


Vapor B2B LLC are members of Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association SFATA and since we are based in Florida we support Florida Smoke Free Association, we support advocacy and activism in the industry. For years we have donated and contributed in many forms. We urge our readers to participate in these programs if you are in business. The industry has to stand together or we will fall together. For information about how to become a SFATA member please visit the official website at www.SFATA.org or call (202) 251-1661

  • www.SFATA.org
    1155 F Street NW
    Ste. 1050
    Washington, DC 20004


    (202) 251-1661

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