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Vapor B2B Interview with Keith and Sarah Fairman of Diamond Vapor

VaporB2B Nov 14, 2016
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Mark Evans and Tiffany Kelley Interview with Keith Fairman and Sarah Fairman,

Co-Founder's of Diamond Vapor

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vB2B Vape Insider with Keith and Sarah Fairman

Co-Founder's of Diamond Vapor

We all know the story about who Keith Fairman was before his success and what he had to overcome to stand where is he today. While it truly is one significant and influential life story, what we really want to know is how Diamond Vapor came about and where this remarkable company is headed in the near future. We sat down with Keith Fairman and his wife, Sarah Fairman and got the inside scoop on Diamond Vapor and what's to come.

Diamond Vapor currently takes on around twenty employees, and has one staple shop that opened about four years ago. This shop has a great location sitting close to the port of Miami where customers come in from different countries all over the world.

When asked what Diamond Vapor’s greatest achievement was over the five years. . Keith smiled, and said

“Aisle 7, Nora's Dream, everyone knows this story, when the flavor was created it was a froot loops and milk. I was at the grocery store grabbing some cereal and I looked up at the aisle number and it was Aisle 7. So we created this for Nora, a little girl who is very close to us who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. We donate proceeds every month to help her family pay for her medical bills." - Keith Fairman of Diamond Vapor

What sets Diamond Vapor apart from the rest is heartfelt. During the hiring process he offers a job with a program into recovery, when society will not accept them because of where they have been or what they have done, Diamond Vapor reaches out a helping hand and a new beginning.

“By putting them into a stable environment in and outside of work. we help keep them clean. Our percentage is 90% that we have kept clean in the last four years.”

So lets take it back to two years ago when 60mls were really not around to often, and outside packaging was taboo.

“DoughBoys Vaped Goods hit the market and premiered at the World Vapor Expo in 2014 and caught everyone’s eye. I was scrutinized, told that no one would want that 60ml bottle and no one will want that price point of twenty five dollars, Proving both of these points wrong.”

When asked what Kieth’s number one goal for the future is, he did not hesitate to answer

“Having the Co-Packing Facility up and running in Europe and really help american companies expand outside of the US. I was in the United Kingdom for the Birmingham show and I remember setting up and the regulations had just dropped, there were some american companies crying because it was all that they had. I felt for them, I knew there was something I could do about this. I was supposed to go back home with my wife and my staff but I ended up staying there and I visited with different Co-Packing companies and facilities and saw the amount that companies were charging. . . " Said Keith Fairman of Diamond Vapor

One night over dinner Keith and his wife, Anthony Asenzia, Flawless and Ben Bland, Their close friend from Europe created The Cloud Division. His ultimate goal is really to help with what the impact of the regulations will have here and how those companies support their friends and families. The Cloud Division really offers a way to get your products outside of America and with people you know, love and trust already.

When asked What would you say to an existing manufacturer, Keith answered

“Customer service is key, keep everyone happy, do as much as possible and go the extra mile to keep your customers happy and coming back. Stop making false claims about the e liquid you are producing like claiming your liquid is FDA approved. Don't always spend, try and save to keep your business up and running. Also look into some plans outside of the US and focus on international paths for your company.” - Keith Fairman of Diamond Vapor

As we all know the regulations have caused a hard time for our industry, many companies had to face a great deal of goals and tasks before a deadline.

When asked what Diamond Vapor’s trials were facing these deeming regulations, Keith and Sarah answered

What a Nightmare, all the ideas that we have come up with are lost, all innovation is stopped. So many people take credit for someone else’s work and are copying other brands and companies in other industries. They are marketing their products exactly like large well known companies outside of Vape. These companies are getting Cease and Desist letters in the mail and they are having to shut down operations and can no longer produce these products.” - Keith and Sarah Fairman of Diamond Vapor

Diamond Vapor had to take all the recipes they had created and release them before August 8. Getting together graphics and ready to market to sell to distributors.

Diamond Vapor came out with a flavor that represents the eight/eight deadline called Deadlines 8/8. At the same time another company did this as well, usually when this happens, one party will send a court ordered letter about the infringement of copy laws but Keith and Sarah decided against this and reached out to this company. They both laughed because it was just a coincidence and let this go, Making it apparent that we all need to stop competing with each other and come together to fight the substantial problem, Big Tobacco.

“What the regulations did for a lot of companies is pushed them to their limits and scare them into producing as much as possible.”  Said Keith and Sarah Fairman Co-Founder's of Diamond Vapor

By the end of it all they had produced twelve new lines including 10 , 30, 60 and 120 ML’s of every flavor. Wicked Pissah was a collaboration with Captain Paul, who is a famous fisherman on the National Geographic Channel, A blue raspberry and sweet marshmallow treat. Layered which is a hazelnut baklava, very interesting flavors and lists the layers on the bottle for a nice touch. Pretzel Boys is a four flavor line that takes plain old pretzel to the next level with delicious different toppings.

One subject Keith would like to touch on is Advocacy, He has seen other industries grow and notices that most of them only have one Advocacy fundraiser.

“I have donated thousands upon thousands to different Advocacy groups, but I honestly feel if we had just one support group fighting for us we would not be in the boat we are today. I believe this because, I sat down with a senator and his words were if you had one organization sending the contributions to the senate then they would have a better understanding of our industry and we may have a fighting chance”. Said Keith Fairman Co-Founder of Diamond Vapor

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