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Vapor B2B Interviews | Brandon Leidel CEO of Vapor Shark

VaporB2B Feb 03, 2017
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Mark Evans and Tiffany Kelley Interview with Brandon Leidel,

CEO of Vapor Shark, co-founder of Right to Be Smoke Free

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vB2B Vape Insider with Brandon Leidel CEO of Vapor Shark
Board member of SFATA
The Innovation and creativity that shines through the office doors of Vapor Shark is mind blowing. When you think about it we have seen plenty of Inventions from Vapor Shark in the industry even when some of us were still smoking cigarettes, But what is all on our minds is how it all started and where this company is headed in the near future. Vapor Shark started from a small shop in Miami to an empire that has grown Internationally.
Years ago, when Brandon was smoking cigarettes he tried to quit using all the same things like the gums and patches and then he noticed this tool that emerged, only seeing them at a mall kiosk he decided to pick one up.

​“ I paid $150.00 for a little cig-a-like but that's all that was available locally, I was able to
get a better one as they came out online, they were called Ego’s, brand new just on the
market around 2009​”.

This really spurred his interest in the industry and he knew he could take his talents and create a better and bigger product. He started out buying the small Egos and slapping his logo on it, which at the time everyone did. Brandon knew the only way he could help his business grow was to make his own products and do in house development. So it was time to save up some money for the business and get some wheels rolling. Opening up his first retail location on bird road he never thought a television advertisement would sky rocket his clientele. All of a sudden Vapor Shark was your neighborhood Vapor shop all around Miami. At that time the creativity never stopped, different and unique products started to release and everyone wanted them! Carrying third party products was a great choice for business and pushed their distribution to keep up with the demand of their customers, now Vapor Shark is distributing for over one hundred and fifty brands. Today everyone around the world knows about Vapor Shark and are watching intently for the new release of products.

Vapor Shark offers many different services like Co-Packaging, Domestic and International eLiquid Manufacturing, E-liquid flavor creation and design, regulatory consultation, franchising, and distribution. They even have a chief scientist on staff at the office. ​Dr. Guduru is currently working with Vapor Shark, Inc. to advance the development of electronic cigarette technology and to establish internationally recognized testing and manufacturing standards for ENDS devices and e-liquids. He believes vaping products have the potential to improve public health and provide a valuable and effective resource for current and future studies.​. Vapor Shark operates nine retail locations and thirty one franchises. Employing about ninety three corporate employees and over one hundred and fifty throughout all locations. When asked what the biggest trial Vapor Shark had to endure,

He said what everyone was thinking “The reduction margins do to competition that everyone has faced in the last year from a hardware and eliquid manufacturing standpoint.​ ​There is just too many of us doing the same thing and that’s putting a lot of pressure on the industry so only the strong will survive​.”​

​Vapor B2B asked Brandon for some advice for retailers out there, he believes ordering a good stock in your store to keep your customer happy is the number one thing for a successful business. Think about your customer before your wallet, words to live by, he has always reinvested back into his business which has kept his business growing. Vapor B2B shares Vapor Shark thought’s and new developments leading up to August 8th, 2016 Everyone was affected by this deadline but just think about all the creativity and innovation that was just halted and how many new ideas that will never see the light of day. Brandon wishes the regulations were more reasonable, he said

“The way the regulations are right now are stifling innovation, anything new that we come up with that could change or benefit the industry in a small way we can’t release here in the U.S. we now have to take it overseas. Innovation has never come from big tobacco, all the innovation comes from small business. ​The fact that only big tobacco could survive, the ones who do not innovate, is just ridiculous”.

Vapor Shark was able to push through close to eight hundred SKU’s in a very short period of time. Some of the best products we can look forward to from Vapor Shark were sold out as quick as they launched! A custom mod that you can switch magnetic doors out and purchase different colors. Another innovative product is the Minnow, they reserved the name for the smallest device. Kind of like the JUUL but a lot wider and with a 650MAH Battery holding two ML of liquid. There are about seventeen new flavors that will release soon. One of the most interesting ones is the Smoked Custard which is manufactured in a unique process using an actual smoker.

“Typically when you see a smoked custard eliquid it's using smoked flavoring, so we actually created a combination of smoked woods and we smoke it. We then send it off to a third party lab to test for phenols, which are smoke particles, and make sure that there is nothing being added to the liquid that could be harmful from smoking something. Obviously smoking something is not harmful because we eat smoked meat all the time but inhaling or vaping it is totally different, that is why we can't assume that things that are safe to eat are actually safe to inhale, so we do the testing and we show this all on our website for public records”. Said Brandon Leidel

When asked what Brandon’s number one goal for Vapor Shark is, he answered​ ​

“​To be the one stop shop for eliquid companies and offer them everything they need to run their business​.” ​

This is the main focus for Vapor Shark this year as so many companies are looking for help in this time of need. Vapor Shark has a ISO 9 certified lab, they have all the latest equipment to help existing brands with the manufacturing process. Brandon really wants to help other brands in the industry do everything they need in one house with one company and someone you can trust.
Vapor B2B got the inside scoop on the Vapor Shark ISO 9 lab as main laboratory technician Brian Arana took us in and showed us how it all works. As we suited up and got the inside look on how Vapor Shark Labs manufactures quality eLiquid products, we were very impressed by the functionality and professionalism exhibited here. Every single bottle produced at Vapor Shark has a batch number and expiration date. This allows the manufacturing process to ultimately excel and maintain consistent product quality and safety standards. If Vapor Shark were to have any issues reported back from a retailer, the specialists they employ have the ability to detect exactly which batch the suspected unit was produced in. Beyond the batch and lot ID system in place, the analytical lab where in-house testing is done contains a UV Spectrometer for unparalleled accuracy in research and documentation procedures. During eLiquid manufacturing, and even hardware manufacturing and distribution, testing for consumer product safety is of the utmost importance to Vapor Shark. This caliber of ongoing research and development enables Vapor Shark (and companies who manufacture products with Vapor Shark Labs) to retain proof of material safety stability. Science is key to these efforts, and Vapor Shark has that covered.

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Mike Hernandez
Director of Operations

Vapor Shark Labs​ for Manufacturing

Vapor B2B, LLC Reports

Tiffany Kelley (content@vaporb2b.com)

Chief Editor / COO

Mark Evans (president@vaporb2b.com)

Publisher / CFO

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