Email Marketing Account Setup

24-72 hours for full DNS verification.

Step 1, create your account on

1- Create an Account
2- Purchase vCredit® (pay-per-use) or become a vBroadcast® member (monthly)
3- Submit Payment and begin Account Setup

Step 2, add sending domain

1- Submit your sending domain on platform (Reach out to for assistance)
2- Submit subdomain to route e-mail through (i.e.,,
3- verify your Main Domain and Subdomain

Step 3, verify sending domain and sub-domain mail route

1- Add DKIM signature to your DNS for main domain
2- Copy & Paste 3 CNAMES to your DNS panel
3- Add MX record for your Subdomain mail route (10 priority, 24hrs response)
4- Add SPF record for your Main domain and Subdomain mail route (Pro-Tip: SPF is set as a TXT record)

Step 4, add mail-from email account

1- Submit mail-from email account(s) for replies and verified sending (Need assistance? Contact

Step 5, verify mail-from email account

1- Verify CNAMES are correctly placed in your DNS
2- Verify SPF records are correctly in place in your DNS

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