Work with Vapor B2B Marketing to use the latest technology and advanced strategies. VB2B saves you time and money, while growing your vapor business network in a manageable and measurable manner.

Start working with our experienced staff of intellectual individuals. We are operating multiple strategies and marketing tactics in the vapor industry. If your business is seeking growth in 2017-2018 you should work with Vapor B2B™. Our Services include VMAIL vBroadcasts, and vCredit email newsletter service through API and SMTP, with your email and a few clicks your company can get started sending vBroadcasts to our confirmed vetted 20k-22k corporate contacts in most cases account setup takes just under 24-72 hours depending on DNS propogation.

As a vBroadcast® member you have access to work with our Self-Service platform to build your Responsive Mobile Friendly, Beautiful e-Mail campaigns and Publish at your convenience as a vBroadcast® member you have access to the platform.

When only using vCredit you must submit your HTML for review by our knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Get started today, need assistance? Call toll free 1-844-VAPE-B2B 

Vapor B2B™ offers three memberships for vMAIL®. As a vBroadcast® member you will have an account with a self-service drag and drop newsletter editor, and to access the full 20k-22k Vapor B2B Community you must become a vBroadcast® member.

Otherwise use vCredit to send HTML newsletters at your convenience.

vCredit® used for publishing vBroadcast® newsletters to the Vapor B2B™ Community is discounted for vBroadcast® members.

Become a vBroadcast® member to enroll in savings and additional members-only benefits.

vBroadcast® your e-Newsletter to the Vapor B2B™ Community:

-6,500 Smoke Shop B2B, C-Store B2B

– 15,500 Vapor Store B2B

vCredit® is needed for vBroadcast® members and non-vBroadcast® members only if you intend to send more than your allocated monthly sending volume. If you stay within your plans volume you will not need additional vCredit®.

What’s a vCredit®?

vCredit® is valued as 1 email vBroadcast® published to the 20,000+ Vapor B2B Network or 22,000 single transactional or drip emails delivered on your behalf by vMail® secure email servers.

We guarantee your campaigns delivery to the Vapor B2B™ Network of 20k-22k+ Business Owners’ Investing in Vapor Products. Our network is always growing, and we professionally clean our database frequently. Most important, if you wish to use outside data, or bring your contacts over you can but we require you supply the contacts and we will pay 50% of the fee for cleaning.* For all new Vapor B2B™ contacts brought in, we pay 50% of the Cleaning Fee, to rinse the Bounce Addresses, and maintain overall deliverability as a standard.


How do I obtain vCredit®?

vCredit® rates for Guests,

and non-vBroadcast®, or Shop Global Vapor™ members

1 vCredit – $81.20

10 vCredits – $80.00 ea

20 vCredits – $77.14 ea

50 vCredits – $73.08 ea

100 vCredits – $64.96 ea

Need more than 100 vCredits?

Consider upgrading to Diamond Tier Marketer, or Platinum Tier Marketer

vCredit® rates for vBroadcast® members

and Shop Global Vapor™ members

1 vCredit – $61.20

10 vCredits – $60.00 ea

20 vCredits $57.14 ea

50 vCredits – $53.08 ea

100 vCredits – $44.96 ea

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