Email Marketing Account Setup 24-72 hours for full DNS verification. Step 1, create your account on 1- Create an Account 2- Purchase vCredit® (pay-per-use) or become a vBroadcast® member (monthly) 3- Submit Payment and begin Account Setup Step 2, add sending domain 1- Submit your sending domain on platform (Reach out to for assistance) 2-

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Work with Vapor B2B Marketing to use the latest technology and advanced strategies. VB2B saves you time and money, while growing your vapor business network in a manageable and measurable manner. Start working with our experienced staff of intellectual individuals. We are operating multiple strategies and marketing tactics in the vapor industry. If your business

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Use VMAIL® newsletter service and you will be reaching 22,000 Vapor B2B™ contacts world-wide. We follow a system for vBroadcast® members and all vCredit® users. 1. Prepare for your Campaign, Start Designing Responsive HTML in vMAIL Newsletter Editor 2. Purchase vCredit® for vMAIL® at 3. Use vCredit® to Schedule or Initiate your vMAIL® Campaign 4.

vMAIL® is a Cloud Hosted private service access is offered only to vBroadcast® Members or vCredit® holders. Leads are gathered in- house: Our VMAIL® vBroadcast® Members may want to use outside data, this is okay with our standards. Members will exchange this data for cleaning and pay appropriate fees for the Bounce checking and Role

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