Email Deliveries | Custom ESP


For use with vSend® Cloud Marketing Platform 

We recommend the use of vMail® secure servers to guarantee 99.5% deliverability. If you proceed with a Custom ESP there are some guidelines, and differences to traditional Vapor B2B vCredit Holders, or vBroadcast members. It is highly recommended you review the information contained in this page carefully, and conduct your own research before proceeding with a Custom ESP. There are certain risks and tasks associated with setting up, integrating, maintaining, upgrading, and securing the Custom ESP plan. If you choose to proceed, you assume all liability and hold Vapor B2B, LLC harmless from any wrongdoing on your account. If you don’t understand the risks or tasks associated with a Custom ESP, then please go back and select Send via vCredit or become a vBroadcast member today and let Vapor B2B guarantee you 99.5% deliverability.


Product Description

Vapor B2B permits the use of Custom ESP for vBroadcast members and vCredit holders who are experienced with Email Delivery. The account with Custom ESP will not be maintained by Vapor B2B, and no additional support will be provided for Troubleshooting Email Deliverability, and Spam or Abuse Complaints. Warning, proceed at your own risk. Vapor B2B assumes no liability for loss of Domain Reputation, Sending Ability, and you agree by proceeding with a Custom ESP you hold Vapor B2B harmless and indemnify Vapor B2B, LLC and affiliates from any and all claims arising from your activities on the vMail, vBrodcast, or vCredit platform(s) (herein referred to as “the platform”) while in operation with a Custom ESP. By selecting the option to use a Custom ESP you hereby agree to maintain the Feedback Loop Handler, and Bounce Handler, in proper operation while utilizing the platform. You will maintain sole contact with any Abuse Complaint, or Spam Complaint that may arise and you are responsible for contact with ISP’s (internet service providers). You must also comply with all CAN-SPAM laws. Vapor B2B will offer support packages and you may opt to include these safeguards and upgrades to your current plan at any time.

It’s important to grasp the time and attention to detail with regards to proper setup, and management of the software and also understand the risks associated with deploying a Custom ESP. To do away with all the setup time and maintenance headaches, learn more about vCredit or vBroadcast to get started sending with vMail today with a turn-key solution. Vapor B2B provides a full support system to manage vMail ESP and handle all the necessary tasks for maintaining Sending Reputation, Guaranteed 99.5% Email Delivery, and we communicate with ISP’s. The following list is comprised of guidelines and tips, as well as some of the risks to take in to consideration;

  • DKIM
  • SPF
  • rDNS
  • ISP Reporting
  • Feedback Loop Handlers
  • Bounce Loop Handlers
  • CAN SPAM Law

For more information about vMail, vBroadcast and vCredit please visit Send us and Email at or Call Toll Free 1-844-VAPE-B2B