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Email Marketing | 10 vCredits – Email Newsletters

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vMail | Email Marketing

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We have Self-Service volume based email sending platforms available for vBroadcast Members or vCredit users. We are available to provide assistance to build or send your HTML newsletters through vMAIL with vCredit HTML newsletter submission and scheduling or our vBroadcast drag and drop email marketing platforms. We offer multiple payment methods, and flexible vCredit pay-as-you-go or vBroadcast Monthly memberships.

We keep you in constant contact with our growing B2B network:
11,000 Vape Stores

7,000 Smoke Shops

1,500 Brands

2,500 C-Store Distributors and Brokers

Offered with each vCredit Email Marketing newsletter:
+ Email marketing to our world-wide Vapor B2B database to promote your article, with Lead Generation open/click reporting.

Our event generated data is up to date, and cleaned recently for 99.5% deliverability guaranteed. Our in house marketing team is looking forward to working with you. If you have questions simply email us at News@vaporb2b.com or call us toll free 1-844-VAPE-B2B

Need help? We’re available Mon-Fri 9am-3pm PST.

Call us toll free at 1-844-VAPE-B2B

Here’s how it works:

Credit Account: Purchase Credits for Newsletters and Submit Content through Google Forms

vBroadcast Member Account: Become a Monthly Member and Build Your Own Emails through Self-Service drag and drop editors and custom HTML templates.


Credit Based Account:

1 credit – $81.20

10 credits – $80.00 ea.

20 credits – $77.14 ea.

50 credits – $73.08 ea.

100 credits – $64.96 ea.

vCredit is 25% off for vBroadcast members.

Become a member today and start saving your coin!

Get started email or direct mail marketing with Vapor B2B today, take advantage of our Members Offers up to 33% off


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