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Print 1 Full Pages Category Leader in our Direct Mail to 15,000 locations

Print 2 Full Pages Category Leader in our Direct Mail to 15,000 locations

Deadlines and Print Schedule:

Q4 December 04, 2017 (deadline November 21)

*Special issue distributed at Orlando Vapor Show

Q1 January 14, 2017 (deadline January 06)

*Special issue distributed at Tobacco Plus Expo

Q2 June 30, 2017 (deadline June 26)

Q3 August 14, 2017 (deadline August 11)

*Special issue distributed at World Vapor Expo

Q4 December 04, 2017 (deadline December 01)

*Special issue distributed at Orlando Vapor Show

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Eliquids & Hardware






Publish your content in the Vapor B2B perfect bound booklet for direct mail to 15,000 locations.

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We ship our publication complimentary to these growing B2B networks:
9,500 Vape Stores, 3,000 Smoke Shops, 2,500 C-Store Distributors and Brokers

+ Direct Mail deployment in combination with Email and Social increases ROI potential!
+ PRO’s of VB2B Marketing include: Less clutter, less competition, more exposure, cost effective
+ Permanent Blog article about your products on www.VaporB2B.com
+ Email marketing to 30,000 contacts to promote your article, with Lead Generation open/click reporting.

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  • Long term cost analysis
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