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 vMail platform offers pay-as-you go terms to marketers with Drip flow,  Campaign Scheduling, List, Email & Landing Page Building, and much more. Get stared by Requesting Invitation to vMail below. Invitation Bonus is set to award new marketers with $81.20 in Community Funds. Deposits are instantly available in your vAds account. Pending Domain Verification, your account is ready for email marketing. Once you’ve added the DNS records needed or applied access for support to manage your Dynamic DNS you may get started by buying vCredit for your account, in multiples of 1 vCredit for $81.20, 10 vCredits, 20 vCredits, 50 vCredits, and 100 vCredits are offered in the vAds Market at the daily rate. Also, to avoid overages, and for access to advanced marketing features like automation and more you may benefit from using the vSend Platform by becoming a vBroadcast Marketer in Gold with 500,000, Platinum with 1,000,000 and Diamond with 2,000,000 email delivery reserves and monthly maintenance.

  Build Responsive Mobile Friendly Email Templates at ease with the Vapor B2B Email Builder found in My Tools for Verified Marketers. Create a vAds Marketing Account or request to become verified by contacting or by Calling Toll Free 1-844-VAPE-B2B

Invitation to Vapor B2B Marketing

Once you’ve created your campaign in My Tools using the Email Template Builder, and have deposited funds towards vCredit, you’ll have received an email that looks like this with your vMail platform login information:

vMail© Account Activated
Your vMail Account is activated, pending Domain Verification.
vMail from Vapor B2B
    Congrats! You’ve activated vMail on your vAds account.
  Sign in to your vMail Dashboard to get access to reporting and analytics, schedule a campaign, and if you need to create a campaign head to My Tools and visit the Email Template Builder to design responsive HTML templates for import into your vMail or vBroadcast account to schedule future campaigns for distribution. vCredit users have access to the vMail platform, if you were looking for email automation, and much more we offer vBroadcast platform access to advanced marketers.

To start, sign in to your vB2B Ads account and visit My Tools to select a service or platform and follow the instructions.

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You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your vMail account. If you believe you have received this message in error, simply opt-out of future communications from Vapor B2B, LLC

As a promotion the Community Funds have been increased to $25,000 per quarter. If you’ve received an invitation to join vMail or vBroadcast you may have also received an invitation bonus code. Enter it below or follow the link to the vMail Invitation form. If your company has been awarded the Community Funds you may receive an email like the below:

VaporB2B vAds Account Deposit Received

Hi ,
We have initiated a transfer of vB2B Community Funds to your account. In order to use the funds received in today’s transfer you must complete domain verification process and login to vAds Market to gain access the funds. Community Funds are usually deposted instantly into your Vapor B2B Marketing account within 24 hours after your account invitation has been verified. You may use the funds towards digital marketing and this includes email marketing, and more.

Community Funds Deposited: $81.20

Invitation Code: VMHI092

Here are a few options 

>My Marketing

>My Account Maintenance

In order for the vB2B Community to grow we have established procedures and we maintain best practices every step of the way from account creation to scheduling your first campaign we’re here to help you grow. Before we initiate your first email campaign vB2B support will work with you to update your DNS properly and in some rare cases due to hosting, these updates may delay the first campaign 24-48 hours due to propogation.

If you do not make use of the Community Funds within the next 60 days, they may be transferred from your account to another vB2B marketer. If you would like to schedule a Customer Success session, or file an extension for your Community Funds you may contact vB2B 24/7 Mon-Fri via and during 9am-6pm at 1-844-VAPE-B2B.

The vAds Team

Community Funds, Free vBroadcast plans, and complimentary vCredits are distributed on a first come, first served basis. For full pricing and member information: Please see our vMail email marketing Pricing and visit the vAds Marketplace for additional Marketing Packages.

Financial Disclaimer: $25,000 in Community Funds will be distributed quarterly with access for new vMail accounts, for use towards trial vBroadcast© Marketer Tiers and vCredit© e-newsletters to test the cloud based vMail email marketing platforms and tools. Periodically we may infuse additional Community Funds into the vAds© Market for use towards Print and Direct Mail, to Publish Content in our vB2B Buyers Guide Book. For full details about your active campaign with Vapor B2B or any of our offerings and to learn more about our services visit Manage My Account or login on the Vapor B2B™Network to Unlock Benefits like Community Funds and Members Only Savings upto 33% off.

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Once you’ve logged in to your vAds account and activated your Invitation Bonus Code, you can get started marketing at the vAds Market. Buy vCredit and hold it in your account, until your email is ready to schedule. Access the Responsive Email Builder and create your campaigns with ease. Or apply your Community Funds towards a vBroadcast marketer tier that suits your business. Three plans with email automation, campaign scheduling, access to the 20,000 Vapor B2B world-wide Subscriber Network with monthly maintenance and variable amounts of active email delivery reserves, Gold: 500,000 Platinum: 1,000,000 Diamond: 2,000,000

Visit the vAds Market to get started with your deposit and for more information about all of the marketing packages we offer.

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