vMAIL® | Email Marketing Platform Invitation

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Start marketing today with vMail, take control of your eMail Marketing. vMail offers Business owners and Agencies options to utilize our Cloud Hosted Email Marketing Platform. Become a vBroadcast marketer to have fully managed email servers, with volume sending and a lot of other benefits. Order vCredit Refills and send newsletters in a pay-per-use method, top up vCredit and store it in your account.  It’s good until you use it. vSend Business and Agency plans are for our hosted versions, and are some of our more complex offerings. Be sure to read all the information about each service on the detailed page.

Invitation to Vapor B2B Marketing

Email Marketing Account Setup

24-72 hours for full DNS verification.

Step 1, submit your information for a vSend.io License

1- Fill in the Invitation Form Above, or Visit www.vsend.io
2- Purchase vCredit® (pay-per-use) or become a vBroadcast® marketer (monthly maintenance)
3- Submit Payment and begin Account Setup

Step 2, add sending domain

1- Submit your sending domain on vMail platform (Reach out to support@vaporb2b.com for assistance)
2- Submit subdomain to route e-mail through (i.e. content.MYDOMAIN.com, email.MYDOMAIN.com, com.MYDOMAIN.com)
3- verify your Main Domain and Subdomain

Step 3, verify sending domain and sub-domain mail route

1- Add DKIM signature to your DNS for main domain
2- Copy & Paste 3 CNAMES to your DNS panel
3- Add MX record for your Subdomain mail route (10 priority, 24hrs response)
4- Add SPF record for your Main domain and Subdomain mail route (Pro-Tip: SPF is set as a TXT record)

Step 4, add mail-from email account

1- Submit mail-from email account(s) for replies and verified sending (Need assistance? Contact support@vaporb2b.com)

Step 5, verify mail-from email account

1- Verify CNAMES are correctly placed in your DNS
2- Verify SPF records are correctly in place in your DNS