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We mail hard copies the Vapor B2B Buyers Guide complimentary to 15,000 locations quarterly.

We also email a digital version of the vB2B Buyers Guide and sponsored content to more 20,000+ world-wide Vapor B2B™ network email subscribers weekly.

The Launch of Vapor B2B Buyers Guide

The phenomenal growth of the vapor industry over the past three years has created the real need for a trusted, respected media resource that can connect the top vapor brands, retailers and distributors. With that in mind, Vapor B2B Magazine launched second quarter of 2016 with the goal of becoming the premier resource for businesses in the vapor industry.

In each quarterly issue (available both online and via pocket book copies), you’ll learn about the regulations, manufacturers, shops, brands, and retailers that are defining the landscape of the industry. Since vaping is now a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s filled with a growing ecosystem of manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers, we’re focused on making sense of this sometimes complex ecosystem. In each issue, Vapor B2B Magazine will highlight the companies, brands and individuals (and regulatory practices) that are driving it forward.

The publishers of the buyers’ guide have over 5+ years experience working in the vapor market and a strong knowledge of the industry as well as the type of presence to get your products in front of an audience of more than 15,000 business owners.

Within the Vapor B2B magazine, you’ll get in-depth interviews with top CEO’s, and key leaders, as well as fact-filled features on important trends that are shaping the competitive strategies of companies, whether it’s new regulatory changes from the FDA or new technological innovations that are being embraced by consumers. By becoming a regular reader of Vapor B2B Magazine, you’ll stay informed about the key factors that have the potential to influence the bottom-line profitability of your business.

If you’re one of the country’s thousands of independent vape retailers, you’ll learn the keys to vape shop success. You’ll stay up-to-date on new trade shows and exhibitions, learn about important advocacy events in your geographic area, and stay one step ahead of the competition with our regular guides to new products and flavors. Our handy features and guides will help you maximize the profitability of each square foot of your physical storefront and give you new ideas for reaching a broader audience online.

And if you’re a vape brand, becoming a reader of Vapor B2B Magazine will give you ideas to get your products picked up by vapor wholesalers and distributed to vape shops across the nation. You’ll learn about new innovations and mods that are being embraced by other brands, and you’ll stay informed about new rules, regulations, and practices that impact your business. Best of all, you’ll get new ideas for marketing your brand to the rapidly expanding vape audience, including advertising right inside the magazine itself.

Finally, if you’re a vapor wholesaler, you’ll get the kind of comprehensive market intelligence and industry data that’s almost impossible to find anywhere else.

You’ll keep up to date with new trade shows and exhibitions, and get insider access to key industry events. And you’ll learn more about the types of products that are having the best success across the entire vaping industry.

Hard Copy Distribution

9,500 Vapor Stores, Online Shops and Distributors

3,000 Smoke Stores, and Distributors
and 2,500 C-Store Distributors and Brokers


Email Distribution

11,000 Vapor Retailers, Online Shops & Wholesalers

7,000+ Smoke Retailers & Wholesalers

2,000+ C-Store Distributors and Brokers

6,000+ USA based – MMJ and CBD Retailers, Wholesalers, and Distributors

vB2B Subscribers opt-in to receive digital content and hard copies of the Vapor B2B™ Buyers Guide book on our networks online, or by attending vB2B Media Partner trade shows such as the Tobacco Plus Expo™, World Vapor Expo™ and the Orlando Vapor Show™

Deadlines and Print Schedule:

Q4 December 04, 2017 (deadline November 21)

*Special issue distributed at Orlando Vapor Show

Q1 January 14, 2017 (deadline January 06)

*Special issue distributed at Tobacco Plus Expo

Q2 June 30, 2017 (deadline June 26)

Q3 August 14, 2017 (deadline August 11)

*Special issue distributed at World Vapor Expo

Q4 December 04, 2017 (deadline December 01)

*Special issue distributed at Orlando Vapor Show


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Whether you’re a vape shop, vape brand, vape retailer or vapor wholesaler, you’ll want to become a reader or content provider of Vapor B2B Magazine. As part of the growing, multi-billion-dollar vapor industry, you already understand how important good market intelligence and informed analysis of key trends and regulations can be. If you’re looking to maximize the success of your company, no matter how big or small, you’ll want to become a regular reader of Vapor B2B Magazine.

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vB2B Subscribers opt-in to receive digital content and hard copies of the Vapor B2B™ Buyers Guide book on our networks online, or by attending vB2B Media Partner trade shows such as the Tobacco Plus Expo™, World Vapor Expo™ and the Orlando Vapor Show™

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